Not Quit Grandpa's Writing - Short sleeve men's t-shirt

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Before I was even conceived, my grandfather was dying of cancer. It was so bad they asked him what he wanted to do, handing him paper and pen because he couldn't even speak. He wrote these two words and then lived them, for four more years. Every day he would get up and walk one step more than the day before until he was back to where he was before he got sick. My mom decided to get pregnant with me when he was diagnosed and he was able to see his youngest child give birth to her first child before passing. This is a family story near and dear to me. I have these words tattooed on my hand as a reminder that things could always be worse. For now, you just do NOT QUIT. I hope these words will speak to you too. Keep on keeping on friends.

This American Apparel t-shirt is the smoothest and softest t-shirt yo'll ever wear. Made of fine jersey, it has a durable, vintage feel. These classic-cut shirts are known for their premium quality, as well as ability to stand up to a washing machine (will maintain size and color after many washes).

• Fine jersey
• Slim fit
• Double stitched
• made in the USA, sweatshop free